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Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet the needs. The concept of Sustainability is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social. We LN THREAD counting new era to do less harm to the environment. Sustainability means maintenance of environmental friendly solutions during the production and balancing the profits, environment and people endeavours to minimize, or rather eliminate the usage of harmful and toxic chemicals keeping waste water emanating from our operations from draining into waterways and polluting them.
At the same time, we have taken effective measures to reduce the high consumption of water & energy and to avoid release of excessive heat. Lighting, operation of machines, generation of high pressure steam, solid waste disposal and waste water recycling have been identified are the key processes with high energy consumption.
LN THREAD to commitment towards conservation of energy and use of clean power, made substantial investments in the renewable energy.
We successfully stared on a large scale of project to install solar panels on the factory roofs minimizing its dependence on the power from national grid. At the same time,
Minimizing the harm to the environment, LN THREAD operates a modern water treatment plant facilitating the re-use of treated and recycled waste water for washing and cooling in the production processes. Enhancing the value of waste as a new source of energy, heat generated by our solid waste incinerator is now being utilized successfully to generate hot water required in dyeing processes.


    • We implements the followings under environmental sustainability
    • Waste segregation and recycling according to the standards
    • Survey alternative energies, utilizing natural and LED lighting and ventilation whenever possible
    • Wastewater treatment – Wastewater from all production units are treated and used for gardening
    • and irrigation purposes
    • Taking steps to minimize its Carbon Footprint whenever possible



LN THREAD undertakes the following activities to reach out to its employees, suppliers and customers

    • A valid Code of Conduct that recognizes workers’ rights to wages/benefits, working hours,
    • freedom of association, grievance, welfare and communication
    • Provision of meals and transport
    • Provision of fully fledged insurance and retirement (pension) schemes
    • Provision of on the job training and promotional career advancement opportunities
    • Health camps and blood donation campaigns for production workers and executive staff
    • Annual events celebrating major religious and cultural events
    • Annual company events/outings
    • Language and skills education
    • Sponsorships and grants to help uplift projects for the betterment and advancement of local stakeholder communities


At LN THREAD, we believe in sustainable initiatives that enrich our communities. LN THREAD’s extensive CSR projects are aimed at community development, health and spiritual development and education.

Education plays a pivotal role in the LN THREAD CSR agenda:

The ‘Lalan Sisu Diriya’ project provides financial assistance for students performing well at the Ordinary Level examinations at several schools in the district. Career development seminars are conducted for students who do not gain entry into universities and grade 5 students who are successful at the National Scholarship examinations and children of several selected schools in the district are provided with books, stationary and essentials.


All employees are provided with housing, water supply, sanitation and Child Development Centres, manned by well-trained CDC officers, provide childcare facilities and programs that include child development, preschool education, ante-natal and post-natal care, immunization and occupational health safety. Recreation and sports also play an important role and the Lalan Premier Cricket League annual inter-factory tournament is one of many recreational activities for our employees.

We are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO – TEX